Custom-Made Optical Windows

Wintech Groupe designs custom-made optical windows to meet detailed specifications.

Custom-made optical windows are grouped into two categories: aeronautical protection windows (for civilian or military use) and special optical windows (industry, R&D, etc…).

We accompany you in your optical and optomechanical projects from design to manufacturing.

Aeronautical optical windows

custom made camera window and optical windows aeronautics - wintech groupe

Special optical windows

custom optical windows - wintech groupe

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H.VIR® infrared optical windows

H.VIR® infrared windows allow for the thermographic maintenance of electrical equipment. The H.VIR® optical window is the only one in the world to be equipped with a Wideband crystal covering the field of use of all cameras in the market (0.3 µm to 13 µm).

FMIR infrared optical windows

FMIR infrared optical windows are exclusively reserved for optical measurement applications. They are not adapted to vacuums or high pressure.  Standardised range with choice of assembling criteria.