Smart IR Camera

The Smart Infrared Cameras, which are Wintech Groupe’s latest innovative technology in terms of infrared detection, are smart, connected solutions dedicated to preventing and detecting risks (fire, beginning of fire, infraction, intrusion) for industrial and protected sites. This new thermographic technology combines the calibration and compensation algorithms with IOT (Internet Of Things). It is one of its kind.

The Smart Infrared Cameras are predictive devices which protect goods, equipment and people extremely efficiently, allowing for 24/7/365 monitoring.

UTC® smart IR camera

UTC® smart IR camera

The UTC® (Ultimate Temperature Control) range groups three categories of autonomous and connected infrared detectors (IoT), designed and developed by UTC-System, a subsidiary of Wintech Groupe. The UTC® detectors are dedicated to risk prevention control on industrial and protected sites (fires, start of fires, infraction, intrusion). UTC®’s innovative technology allow for continuous 24/7/365 monitoring.
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