Complex Components

SOREM, a branch of Wintech Groupe, specialises in the study, design and creation of complex components. We offer a large manufacturing choice on rough-machined or polished parts. Fortified by our expertise and well-known in the field of ultrasonic technologies for dozens of years, we can make precision optics for any industry, (manufacturing, defence, space, R&D, etc…). SOREM is one of the rare companies in Europe machining Sapphire.

Our precision optics can be made from many materials such as: Sapphire; Quartz; Glass materials (BK7, Borosilicate, Pyrex etc…); fluorinated crystals (CaF2, BaF2, MgF2,…); Germanium; ZnSe (Zinc Selenide); ZnS (Zinc Sulphur); etc.

Our manufacturing capacity concerns complex components of up to 350 x 350 mm (≤ 0.05 mm or 50 µm). Our fields of use are ultraviolet (UV), visible range and infrared (IR).

wintech groupe - optique de precision composant complexe
composants complexes - wintech groupe
composants complexes - wintech groupe
composants complexes - wintech groupe

Production examples of precision optics:

  • Ceramic cradles to dissipate heat from electronic chips for light amplifiers in night vision goggles.
  • « Bacchus » optics for analysing alimentary liquids.
  • Light globes for submarines.
  • Grism for a NASA satellite.
  • Mirror alignments for spatial applications.

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