Precision Optics

precision optics wintech groupe

Wintech Groupe is one of the rare French companies skilled in the use of ULTRASONIC machines for the manufacturing of precision optics and custom precision optics intended for industrial and laboratory applications.

This expertise allows us to manufacture complex materials (Sapphire, Silica, Quartz, Alumina, Silicon, etc.) in order to design precision optics and custom precision optics with a lot of quality and reliability.

For your project of precision optics and custom precision optics, we follow a rigorous manufacturing process (design, polishing, controlling) to meet the requirements and particularities of your specifications.

Custom precision optics – Hard sapphire material

hard sapphire plates - precision optics

Custom precision optics – Complex components

complex components precision optics

SOREM, a branch of Wintech Groupe, produces optical parts (custom precision optics) in its complex manufacturing and polishing workshops. Fortified by our expertise and well-known in the field of ultrasonic technologies for dozens of years, we can make precision optics for any industry, (manufacturing, defence, space, R&D, etc…). Our precision optics can be made from many materials such as: Sapphire; Quartz; Glass materials (BK7, Borosilicate, Pyrex etc…); fluorinated crystals (CaF2, BaF2, MgF2,…); Germanium; ZnSe (Zinc Selenide); ZnS (Zinc Sulphur); etc.

Are you interested in the production of custom precision optics from Sapphire? Here are two examples of the work carried out by Wintech Groupe:

  • Design and creation of a Sapphire optical window 400 mm x 120 mm installed on the inspection hole of a furnace to control the temperature of the smoke coming from crude oil (client: VARO Energy/Petrochemical sector).
  • Design and creation of an interface optical window in a combustion chamber for a national research institute.

In general, Wintech Groupe is able to design and manfucature various types of precision optics in complex components, such as :

  • Ceramic cradles to dissipate heat from electronic chips for light amplifiers in night vision goggles.
  • « Bacchus » optics for analysing alimentary liquids.
  • Light globes for submarines.
  • Grism for a NASA satellite.
  • Mirror alignments for spatial applications.

Don’t forget that Wintech Groupe has been ISO certified for over fifteen years. This certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to placing quality, high standards and rigour at the heart of every optical and optomechanical project (design, manufacturing, testing).

Wintech Groupe complies with current French legal and social regulations, as well as European environmental directives such as REACH and RoHS. Our certification guarantees our customers industrial safety, quality and production confidentiality.

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