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The H.VIR® 75 type 20 is the small infrared window of the H.VIR® range (excluding explosive atmospheres). Installed on electrical equipment such as transformers, switchgear and motors, it allows you to carry out preventive maintenance through a thermographic camera in electrical conditions of normal charge (low and high voltage)

The H.VIR® 75 type 20 IR window can be installed on new equipment or be retrofitted to existing equipment (and it will last the full life span of the equipment). The H.VIR® 75 type 20, like other optical windows of the H.VIR® range, allows you to prevent any risks associated with electrical equipment without pre-inspection.

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H.VIR® 75 type 20 IR window – Technical information

Operation from 0.3 µm to 13 µm

  • Sensitivity to UV: none
  • Quality of optical window:

Parallelism: < 3 µm

Flatness: 5(2)

Surface condition: P4 (S/D: 20/ 40)

  • Operating temperature -40°C + 70°C
  • Electrical insulation of the frame:
    • Resistivity 4 x 10 15 ohms cm2/m at 20°C
    • 8 x 10 15 ohms cm2/m at 100°C

Installing a H.VIR® 75 type 20 infrared window for thermal inspection on a piece of electrical equipment does not degrade or affect the material’s level of safety. The H.VIR® 75 type 20 optical window like the whole H.VIR® range guarantees the protection of people and infrastructures. The H.VIR® 75 type 20 IR optical window complies with current international standards and with the particular specifications of electrical material manufacturers.




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