H.VIS Electric Eye® 75

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The H.VIS Electric Eye® 75 infrared window is part of the HVIS Electric Eye® range designed to replace the plexiglass installed on the doors in front of the electrical equipment. The H.VIS Electric Eye® 75 is the most adapted infrared optical window for visual inspection during the handling of interruption systems (positioning of knife disconnectors for example).

It may be placed on new equipment or on equipment that is already in use (retrofit). Thanks to its optical properties the H.VIS Electric Eye® 75 infrared optical window improves resistance of the equipment. It allows visual inspection and an infrared wavelength of up to 5 µm.

If you own a shortwave camera (3 to 5 µm) for the inspection of your electrical installations, you will be able to carry out measures with the H.VIS viewing optical window (0.3 to 5 µm).

Technical informations

  • Operation from 0.3 µm to 5 µm
  • Sensitivity to UV: non-existent
  • Quality of optical window:
    • Parallelism: < 3 µm
    • Flatness: 5(2)
    • Surface condition: P4 (S/D: 20/ 40)
  • Operating temperature -40°C + 70°C
  • Electrical insulation of the frame:
    • Resistivity: 1015 ohm.m

The H.VIS Electric Eye® 75 optical window is used exclusively for visible applications and shortwave cameras. It allows visual controlling of electrical equipment without degrading them and does not affect the material’s safety level. The H.VIS Electric Eye® 75 optical window, like the whole H.VIS range, guarantees the protection of controlling equipment and infrastructures. The Electric Eye® 75 optical window complies with current international standards and with the particular specifications of electrical material manufacturers.




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