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Wintech Groupe provides its expertise and skills to design and manufacture precision optical, optomechanical and optronic solutions for industry, research and defence. Fortified with 70 years of experience, we are proud to have references in industries known for their strict requirements.

Wintech groupe - Références Matériel Electrique

Electrical equipment manufacturers

wintech groupe references equipements electriques

For the inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment, Wintech Groupe has developed the range of H.VIR® (High Vision Infrared) infrared optical windows. Designed to be easily mounted on electrical equipment (new or retrofit), the H.VIR® infrared optical windows (no life limit) allow for low and high voltage control, without shutting down production units and without pre-inspection.

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Heavy industrial maintenance

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To reduce the risk of fires linked to electrical equipment, Wintech Groupe has developed optomechanical systems well-known for their high performances. Our H.VIR® infrared optical windows enable preventive maintenance to find hot spots of electrical equipment through thermography. The H.VIR® 85 type Exr® infrared optical window has been specially designed for use in explosive atmospheres.

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Energy Distribution

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For more than 20 years, Wintech Groupe has worked with the biggest energy producers and suppliers such as Electricité De France (EDF), Total Energie, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR), Engie and Société Hydro-Electrique du Midi (SHEM). We accompany these high-profile operators in the securing and maintenance of electrical equipment (transformers, cells, panels, engines etc.) thanks to our range of H.VIR® infrared optical windows and now our UTC® SD autonomous and connected infrared detectors.

Wintech Groupe références CNR
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Wintech groupe - Références Aéronautique

Aeronautics and Aerospace

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Our expertise in the design of monoblock optical windows and precision optics is well-known internationally. Wintech Groupe is the inventor of the monoblock auronautical optical window dedicated to the protection of on-board cameras. The use of Ultrasonic machines allows us to manufacture complex materials such as Sapphire and to meet the requirements of clients in the aeronautic and aerospatial sectors.

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Wintech groupe - Références Défense


wintech groupe - references defense

Wintech Groupe designs and manufactures custom-made optical windows and optical parts for the key players in the defence industry (Safran, Thales, MBDA, etc.). These optical and optomechanical items are dedicated to infrared applications. We also create prototypes and pre-productions of optical components.

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Wintech groupe - Références recherche et développement


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Wintech Groupe designs optical windows and custom-made optical and optomechanical parts for research institutes, engineering schools, engineers and university departments specialising in various fields such as engineering, mechanics, aeronautics and defence. Fortified with a long experience in the industrial optic sector, our group has contributed to the worldwide development of crystallisation methods including the manufacturing of CaF2 and MgF2 (SOREM patent).

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Wintech groupe - Prestataires Services

Service providers

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For many years, to prevent the risk of fires linked to electrical equipment and maintain their entirety, Wintech Groupe has collaborated with service providers such as electrical material installers (Actemium, Dalkia, Eiffage Energie Systèmes, SNEF, etc…) and thermographers (CNPP certified). Thanks to our range of H.VIR® infrared optical windows, we actively participate in the implementation of an efficient and secure preventive maintenance system for the control operators.

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