Aeronautical Optical Windows

SOREM, a branch of Wintech Groupe, was the first company in the world to offer a solution of highly resistant monoblock aeronautical optical windows for the protection of on-board cameras on civilian and military aircraft (a camera window) .

Specialised in industrial optics since 1953, SOREM has relied on its huge expertise and experience to design these optical windows which overcome every weakness of multi-layer optical windows.

This innovative technological solution revolutionised the aeronautical manufacturers sector to the point of replacing the multi-layer protective optical windows which, until then, were the norm.

The advantages of SOREM monoblock aeronautical protective optical windows (camera window):

  • Use of a crystal which is resistant to erosion, thus preventing the optical window from freezing.
  • No camera image alteration.
  • Defrosting system which no longer absorbs any visible radiation.
  • Suitable for use with HD and 4K cameras.
  • Very high resistance to mechanical shocks.
  • Unmatched durability (the oldest optical windows have not been changed after more than 30 years of service).

Nowadays our monoblock aeronautic optical windows (a camera window) are installed on a large number of planes such as Airbus A340-600, A380, A320, A400M, A320neo planes and Boeing 777 and 787 planes.

We accompany you in your optical, optomechanical and camera window projects from design to manufacturing.

Monoblock protection of optical equipment – Camera window

The monoblock design (with just one layer) compared to multi-layered glass optical windows, guarantees an optimal, non-altered and non-degraded image. The monoblock window is also much more resistant and shows very good results in terms of defrosting and resistance to mechanical shocks and erosion.

Thanks to a heater defrosting system, coupled with a monoblock optic, our aeronautical windows demonstrate very high performances for use with HD or 4K cameras.

The monoblock windows meet the RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 standards. They are currently used by the biggest aeronautical manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Dassault).