Hard Material: Sapphire

SOREM, a branch of Wintech Groupe, specialises in the provision of components thanks to exclusive agreements concluded with partners for many years. SOREM produces optical parts in its complex manufacturing and polishing workshops.

SOREM’s experience in Sapphire is well-known in France and abroad, and among many activity sectors wishing to have precision optics made from hard materials.
In fact, SOREM is one of the rare companies in Europe to machine sapphire. We offer this material for the creation of precision optics dedicated to use in severe environments (pressure, abrasion, erosion, etc.) or for the field of spectroscopy.

Sapphire (part of the corundum family) is a birefringent material with very high mechanical and thermal resistance. It has a large chemical inertia and can be used at up to 1000°C. Sapphire also displays optical features with good transmission from UV (200mn) to infrared (5.5 µm).

Our long experience and expertise in the polishing of Sapphire, coupled with the use of ultrasonic technology, allows us to adapt this hard material to many projects and applications.


Production examples of precision optics with Sapphire:

  • Design and creation of a Sapphire optical window 400 mm x 120 mm installed on the inspection hole of a furnace to control the temperature of the smoke coming from crude oil (client: VARO Energy/Petrochemical sector).
  • Design and creation of an interface optical window in a combustion chamber for a national research institute.

Do you have a precision optics project with Sapphire?